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Sustainable development goal 17 indicators: Partnerships for the goals, annually
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More explanations can be found on the SURS website dedicated to the sustainable development goals indicators .
Official development assistance as share of gross national income (%)
Official development assistance consists of grants or loans that are undertaken by the official sector with the objective of promoting economic development and welfare in recipient countries.
Source: MZZ
Financing for developing countries (mio EUR)
Total financing for development comprises net disbursements of official development assistance, other official flows and private flows (mainly foreign direct investment).
Source: OECD
Imports from developing countries (mio EUR)
This indicator is defined as the value at market prices of EU imports from the countries determined by the OECD Development Assistance Committee.
Source: Eurostat
General government gross debt (% GDP)
The indicator is defined (in the Maastricht Treaty) as consolidated general government gross debt at nominal (face) value, outstanding at the end of the year in the following categories of government liabilities (as defined in the European System of Accounts - ESA 2010): currency and deposits, debt securities and loans.
Data for 2021 have been revised.
Shares of environmental taxes in total tax revenues (%)
This indicator compares the share of environmental taxes in total revenues from taxes and social contributions.
Data for 2020 have been revised.
Source: Eurostat