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Value indices of turnover in service activities (month / average of the year 2015), in unadjusted and seasonally adjusted form (NACE Rev. 2), Slovenia, 2000M01 - 2023M12
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Since the publication of data for January 2024, the base year for the index Month / average of the year has been changed from 2015 to 2021. Data converted to the base year 2021 are available from January 2000 on. Data with the base year 2021 are published in table 2013903S.
At the end of 2019 we stopped publishing the table Indices of turnover in service activities (NACE Rev. 2), Slovenia, monthly, in the SiStat Database. Guidelines for calculating the data published in this table are available in Methodological explanations.
In 2018 we started to publish turnover from the sale of services for new service activities: real estate activities (L68), rental and leasing activities (N77) and services to buildings and landscape activities (N81). In division N81 to cleaning activities (N81.2) were added also combined facilities support activities and landscape service activities (N81.1 and N81.3). We are also separately observing legal and accounting activities (M69) and management consultancy activities (M70.2), which used to be monitored together. Data for new service activities are available in the SI-STAT Database since 2015.
From 2018 on, the calculation of indices is made on the 2015 base year.
Data for the last 10 months are provisional. With each release the data for the last 10 months can be corrected and supplemented with new data. Link to Methodological explanations – Revision of statistical data.
Linked content:
- Methodological explanations
In the following groups activities are covered according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2152 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on European business statistics, repealing 10 legal acts in the field of business statistics:
- Services;
- Professional, scientific and technical activities.
Unadjusted data
Indices are not seasonally and working-day adjusted.
Data for the last 10 months are provisional.