We upgraded SiStat!

We upgraded the SiStat Database. However, our work is not yet complete, as we would like to provide you with the best user experience in using our data.

In the first phase the SiStat Database was technically upgraded to provide you with greater freedom to work with the data. In the coming months content improvements are planned.

You can browse four themes – Demography and social statistics, Economy, Environment and natural resources, General – and Archive subject areas.

During the upgrade there can be some disturbances in the functioning of the database, so we would appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please write an e-mail to gp.surs@gov.si.

New in the SiStat Database

  • More modern formats for saving data on the computer (.json, .xlsx)
  • Machine reading of data (API)
  • Improved management of queries; no need to register and be informed about updates
  • Upgraded search engine that enables searching for text and codes (by domains)
  • Searching data by using a tree structure of themes