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Sustainable development goal 08 indicators: Decent work and economic growth, part 1, Slovenia, annually
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More explanations can be found on the SURS website dedicated to the sustainable development goals indicators .
Real growth of gross domestic product per capita index (index, previous year = 100)
Growth rate of the gross domestic product is the most well-known measure of economic activity and it is often used as an indicator of how well off a country is, since it is a measure of average real income in that country.
Data for 2019 have been revised.
Young people neither in employment nor in education and training (%)
The indicator shows the share of persons aged 15–24 who are not involved in any kind of formal or informal education and who are not in employment, among all young persons in the age group 15–24.
Long-term unemployment rate (%)
The long-term unemployment rate is the share of unemployed persons since 12 months or more in the total active population, expressed as a percentage.
Involuntary temporary employment (%)
The involuntary temporary employment indicator represents the proportion of fixed-term employees (15–64 years) who can’t find work for an indefinite period of time between all employees (15–64 years).
Data for 2021 have been revised.
Source: Eurostat