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Average monthly earnings and index of average monthly earnings by registered natural persons by activities [NACE Rev. 2], Slovenia, monthly
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Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia


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- Methodological explanations

The data are final.
On 1 January 2008 the new classification of activities of business entities NACE Rev. 2, which replaced NACE Rev 1.1, came into force in all EU Member States. In the Republic of Slovenia the national version of the standard classification, called SKD 2008, which includes the entire European classification of activities but also adds some national subclasses, came into force on the mentioned date.
The new classification brings many changes, which are the result of structural changes in the economy in recent years. Most of the changes thus involve market services and manufacturing. A very important change is the new structure of the classification, since there is no longer the level of subsection [2-digit code].
More general information about the introduction of the new classification is available on a special website Revision of Classification of Activities SKD 2008 / Nace Rev. 2 of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.